Publish Substrate to

We used to be able to publish Substrate to and at some stage the process broke and remain broken as current.

I don’t think I need to re-iterate the benefits of be able to publish Substrate to a package registry.

Someone need to re-investigate the current status of the publish process, what’s broken, what needs to be done so we can have good idea of how much work are required to get this done.

And later Cumulus should also be published as well.


What would be the versioning scheme? Following polkadot version branches or syncing to something else?

Eventually we want semvar, but at this stage anything. Following polkadot version is a good starting point.

We are very well aware, it’s a mess atm. We are coming back to this problem in the coming months.

Expect detailed plans on the roadmap before the end of November.

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As a high level summary for the current state of this (as far as I know), the main blocker here has been the multiple separate repos which compose the Substrate / Polkadot ecosystem.

There has been talk of turning these repos into a monorepo for at least a short while in order to unblock all these publishing problems, and potentially over time spinning them out again to appropriately separate repos.

The tool used for publishing will probably be: GitHub - paritytech/subpub: Playing with automating the process of publishing crates from Substrate

Beyond that, I think we also talked about not following strict adherence to semver, and just having all crates release in lockstep with one another with specific version numbers.

I agree, the importance of releasing these crates are very high, and we should really prioritize to get this working.