[PSA] Gov V1 funds will be automatically refunded next runtime upgrade

Hello governance friends, PSA that migrations are targeted for the next Polkadot & Kusama runtime which will unlock/unreserve Gov V1 funds for all accounts (see PR migration: unlock/unreserve Gov v1 balances and prepare storage removal by liamaharon · Pull Request #7314 · paritytech/polkadot · GitHub).

There have been some OpenGov proposals to manually refund some accounts:

these are unnecessary and I ask that ecosystem participants instead wait for the next runtime upgrade to receive their Gov V1 funds.

Ideally these unlock/unreserves would have been enacted in the same runtime upgrade that Gov V1 was removed. Devs have taken this as a learning experience and will take more care to reduce the chances of similar occurrences in the future :pray:.


Hi there, any update on this? I noticed it was merged around 3 weeks back. Thanks for helping resolve this problem.

The migrations unlocking the funds will execute next runtime upgrade, you can track progress for that here: Release 1.0 runtimes · Issue #20 · polkadot-fellows/runtimes · GitHub

Looks like unlocks for gov v1 are enabled now with the merging of migration: unlock/unreserve Gov v1 balances, remove Gov V1 pallets from polkadot runtime, and remove Gov V1 pallet key/values from storage by liamaharon · Pull Request #7314 · paritytech/polkadot · GitHub and https://github.com/polkadot-fellows/runtimes/pull/28 .