Polkadot Summit: Barcamp - Submit Agenda Topics (30 Nov, 1 Dec)

  • Session Title ZombieNet Walkthrough
  • Who will host the session Nikolaos Kontakis
  • Team Name ZombieNet/Parity Technologies

Integration tests have always complex setups, and blockchains aren’t the exception, lots of moving pieces before even start making assertions. In this workshop we will see ZombieNet, a CLI tool that aims to be an integration testing framework for substrate based networks.

We will walkthrough on different use cases for both spawning and testing ephemeral networks, with a friendly and easy to use configuration and DSL for writing tests. We will also cover real use cases, mixing configurations (relaychain/parchains), CI integrations and common mistakes.


Session Title Multi-token community contributions for verified digital creators and Open-Source developers
Who will host the session @digitalillusion and me
Team Name Anagolay Team

Imagine if Keybase and Brave had a baby, and that baby grew up to be a platform where digital creators are at the center, they can verify their revenue stream channels and accept support from the community in fiat and crypto.

In this session, we will explain how verification and tipping work and demonstrate the current functionality. We will also talk about why this is needed NOW, why content creators should care, and how Anagolay can help open-source developers to finance their projects.

  • Session Title Ecosystem security: Protection against toxic flows and alerting
  • Who will host the session me + @mrq
  • Team Name GalacticCouncil | HydraDX | Basilisk

We have seen a couple of hacks in the ecosystem already. I would like to discuss a monitoring system and ways we can limit flows of toxic assets if catastrophic event happens at either XCM level or by parachains themselves.

  • Session Title Substrate development experience improvements
  • Who will host the session me + looking for help
  • Team Name GalacticCouncil | HydraDX | Basilisk

I would like to continue on my sub0 talk and discussions on the last parachain summit with actionables and quick wins. How can we improve lives of substrate devs now? Everything from tooling through scripts and automation to best practices. I would like to make this more involved and maybe hack some things together in groups. Please bring the best hacks or tools you use with you.


I would also be very interested to attend this Cross-team Workshops at SubZero - #7 by rphmeier but proposed 2 already so won’t push it. Or if there is more interest could help with it rather than one of the two above.

EDIT: Or we could in theory merge this with my second proposed one since they are UX related?

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Session Title - The Polkadot Blockchain Academy

How to contribute to and benefit from the Academy.

The second edition of the Polkadot Blockchain Academy is taking place in Buenos Aires in January 2023, there are lots of ways to contribute and benefit from the Academy;

Send team members

Sponsor places or events at the Academy

Hire new team members

Give a guest lecture

Give a speech

There are costs involved, this Academy is ecosystem wide, to be contributed to by you, to be benefitted from by you.

This is a session to discuss these options in more detail or to suggest other ways to benefit or contribute. The aim here is for Academy team members to share info, answer questions and to generate awareness.

  • Session Title Multiblock Storage Migration
  • Who will host the session Farhad Hakimov, Greg Zaitsev
  • Team Name Unique Network

Storage migrations can be costly. Due to the rigid limitations of the size of the proof of validity for the Polkadot relays, the time needed for a migration is limited – and if a parachain runs out of those precious bytes, with the current systems, it will hang, trying to execute the same migration over and over again, dead in the water.

During this session, we will showcase a possible solution to this limitation, the multi-block storage migration, where a possibly expensive migration can be split and executed over multiple blocks.

If your parachain has a lot of data that might need a restructuring, join us!


Title: Polkadex Orderbook Demonstration and Parachain Usecases

In this session, We will demonstrate how Polkadex parachain enables other parachain users to place orders directly. Also how users can delegate their assets to external trading firms without giving them custody and an an overview of the security model of Polkadex.

Presenter: Gautham J

Team: Polkadex


Session Title: Full Web3 Stack with Secure Off-Chain Computation
Hosts: Joshua Waller, Zoe Meckbach
Team: Phala Network

On-chain computation models lack the ability for a Web3 dApp to scale computation, reduce latency, preserve privacy and access the Internet.

This makes it hard or even impossible to implement many fundamental services of the Web3 world. With the trustless off-chain computation model introduced by Phat Contract, such services can be easily implemented while remaining totally decentralized and trustless.

In this session, we will begin with these scenarios to show the value of this innovation model, including:

  • Easily build decentralized Oracle;
  • Allow customers to sign in your DApps with Web2 accounts;
  • Manage multiple-chain assets with one contract;
  • Store data to any storage services while remaining private;

All these use cases are enabled by the features of Phat Contract:

  • Computation Scalability: Use every Worker in Phala Network with no cost;
  • Internet Access: Native HTTPS support to interact with Web2 & Web3 services;
  • Low Latency: Direct user interactions involving no on-chain transactions;
  • Privacy Preserving: Hardware-based protection with full-lifecycle encryption.

Hey, I would like to propose two workshops we are interested in hosting during BarCamp.

Session title: UX deep dive

A necessary workshop centred around the importance of UI/UX to achieve DeFi mass adoption. Participants will be able to interact with some of the developer tooling created for the XCVM and what the UI of a cross-chain application requires.

Hosts: 0xbrainjar (Founder & CEO), 0xslenderman (Head of Design)

Team name: Composable Finance

Session title: Building with CosmWasm on Substrate

This workshop explores our work we have carried out to implement a CosmWasm VM on Substrate. We will unpack how these developments enable developers who wish to integrate it into their parachains.

Host: Karel Kubat (CTO)

Team name: Composable Finance


Session Title (Federated parachain oracle)
Who will host the session (Razvan Poppa & Sylvain Cormier)
Team Name (Kylin)


Session Title

Expanding Polkadot adoption: Multi-token community contributions for verified digital creators and Open-Source developers & other mass-market use cases

Who will host the session

@elena_von_tsss and me

Team Name

Anagolay Team

The Web3 Foundation’s official mission contemplated “a web that would remove the human conflict of interest that exists between creators and consumers of online content and applications.”

Yet, let’s look at the Polkadot ecosystem today. Its main use cases remain in the frame of DeFi & NFT solutions, which imply a rather narrow audience compared to the overall number of web users.

The questions for discussion:

  • how can the ecosystem onboard a wider range of daily active users?
  • what are the “non-conventional” use-cases that go beyond wildly represented DeFi and NFT solutions?
  • what are the barriers in adoption for a variety of creators and consumers of online content/applications that choose to stick with web2 solutions? How can we overcome these barriers?

Within this session we will provide an example of the use case with an ambition to expand the Polkadot ecosystem to whole new communities of creators previously using platforms like Patreon (content creators) and OpenCollective (open-source projects) and provide them with a sound decentralized alternative.
We will then invite the session participants to propose their ideas and share the use cases they work on / envision. Ultimately, we aim to drive the discussion to establish the following:

  • possible synergies to drive the expansion of Polkadot userbase
  • cooperation of the teams to overcome the common adoption barriers.

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Session Title: Polkadot Brand Marketing - Challenges and Next Steps
Hosts: Marta Adamczyk, Martina Beg (happy to collaborate with Parity and CMO/BD from other ecosystem teams)
Team Name: SubQuery Network

People outside of the Polkadot ecosystem sometimes criticise Polkadot for not having a strong enough marketing presence. Even though Polkadot is one of the most sophisticated protocols in the entire blockchain industry, history shows us that the most technically sophisticated protocol doesn’t always win. Even if we come up with the best product ever, people won’t use it if they lack awareness of it. So, let’s talk Polkadot marketing!

Examples of topics we could discuss:

  1. Branding: we have Substrate, ink!, Sub0, and so on and people outside of our community don’t associate, for example, Substrate with Polkadot. Cosmos, on the contrary, is very successful at this type of ecosystem branding with Cosmos SDK, CosmWasm, Cosmos IBC, and so on. How can we improve / unify the branding?

  2. Unique story/Positioning: Other chains are focusing on certain verticals (e.g. Avalanche with GameFi), some on institutions (Algorand and Polygon), some on performance metrics (e.g. Solana), some on complete freedom to build your own app chain (Cosmos). What is Polkadot’s unique story here?

  3. Audience: Who is our audience? If we are saying that we are building an ecosystem for the technical elite, then we’re doing a great job - our metrics on developer engagement show that. Or are we recognizing that we need to appeal to the next million? The answer can, of course, be both, but with two different audiences, we require two different marketing approaches.

Who should take part?
CMOs and BDs / ecosystem leads, anyone interested

Desired Outcome:
Come up with a unified idea of what are the main strengths of Polkadot and find out of the box marketing strategies to communicate it across the entire ecosystem and beyond.


The Barcamp “Agenda” Explained

Please find the live agenda here. The first batch of slots have been allocated on a first come, first serve basis. The final four remaining slots will go to the sessions with the most votes on the 23rd of November on this thread on the Polkadot Forum.

Actionable output of every session will be shared on the Polkadot Forum after the event.

  • How many sessions will there be? Barcamp takes place over a duration of two days, is split into three workshop chapters, and is spread across four main rooms (totaling 24 sessions). The timetable is as follows:
    • Workshop 1: 09.30-12.00
    • Workshop 2: 13.00-15.30
    • Workshop 3: 16.00-18.00
  • What is the status of the agenda? Workshop slots 1 & 3 (= 16 sessions) have been allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Workshop slot 2 ( = 8 sessions) will be filled over the next few weeks. The process is as follows:
    • Day 1 - Workshop 2 session slots (4 available)
      • The remaining Workshop 2 session slots (4x) for Day 1 (30 Nov) will be selected based on votes on the Polkadot Forum.
      • Everybody can present a session, even is encouraged to do so. Submissions remain open until the deadline. We vote collectively. The four sessions with the most votes on the 23rd of November on this Polkadot Forum page will be included in the agenda. Sessions will be confirmed on the Polkadot Forum and session leaders will be personally notified.
    • Day 2 - Workshop 2 session slots (4 available):
      • The remaining Workshop 2 sessions slots (4x) for Day 2 are open sessions. Open sessions are a type of roundtables where anyone can bring their experiences, blockers and solutions around a broadly defined topic. The structure is roughly: What’s happening now; Is what’s happening now desirable; What are the blockers; How can we unblock them. Bring-your-own-problems/solutions for an open debate on the following topics:
        • XCM (Room 1)
        • Polkadot Security (Room 2)
        • Polkadot Adoption (Room 3)
        • Polkadot Collaboration (Room 4)
  • Where do I go for a spontaneous breakout session? In addition, there are dedicated breakout rooms and areas throughout the hotel for you to unwind, network, ideate, discuss, and collaborate (first come, first serve).
  • Vote-with-your-feet! Move between sessions to find the one where you’d like to contribute.
  • What happens beyond Barcamp? Actionable output of every session will be shared on the Polkadot Forum.

How do I submit an agenda item?

  1. Keep the scope in mind: Unique-to-Polkadot innovation. Be mindful of room sizes: Big rooms are for big topics in big groups. Small rooms are for deep topics in targeted groups.
  2. Submit your slot proposal on the Polkadot Forum in the thread on this page.
  3. Please provide:
    • Session Title
    • Who will host the session
    • Team Name (e.g. your project/company)

Instructions for Confirmed Session Leaders

How to lead a successful session?

Session Format Tips

  • You are a moderator, not a presenter. No monologues but dialogues. Although pre-defined questions have been agreed upon at the beginning, outcomes or solutions are not decided in advance. The assumption is that collective discussion can shift people’s conceptions and encourage collective action.
  • The format is up to you, but a common structure is: 1. State the topic and objectives, 2. Give the background and context, 3. Present the questions you’d like feedback on, 4. Work toward some kind of demonstrable/practical conclusion.
  • Workshop slots are long-form to facilitate the ability to get deep into the topic. If you’re done, you’re done. If you’re not, carry on. Sessions will go on as long as they have to or until they run into another presentation slot.

How to Capture Output Tips

  • Use the flip charts provided as tools to document the outcomes of the sessions. The main advantage is the immediate documentation of the results.
  • Every room will have a dedicated Parity-assigned note taker to help you capture what is being said.
  • After the event, the session moderators and note-takers will sync up with someone from the Parity Success team who will help create a formal summary for knowledge externalisation on the Polkadot Forum post-event.


  • The sessions are not recorded and follow the Chatham House Rule. (= Under the Chatham House Rule, anyone who comes to a meeting is free to use information from the discussion, but is not allowed to reveal who made any particular comment. It is designed to increase openness of discussion.)
  • In every room, the following will be available: A digital screen, flip chart, markers, post-its, pens and paper. If you need anything else, please contact me directly via email or Element.

We have put together an embryonic poc of an oracle system to serve the parachain community using XCM.
This disscussion will be to collect feedback on how we can adapt our parachain oracle code to better serve the needs of individual chains. Ex. using smart contracts, other values than prices, debit, etc…

Session Info
Session Title: Expanding smart contracts with XVM

Who will host the session: Hoon Kim, Mario Vukelic

Team name: Astar Foundation

Session Content
Substrate is known for its modularity, which also applies to smart contract VMs. In Substrate, you can have a WASM contract environment written in Rust/ink, or the well-known EVM with Solidity. But there is a limitation when it comes to interoperating between two environments. How can smart contracts achieve interoperability between consensus if they reside in a different execution environment?
Astar Network’s Cross-Virtual Machine aims to solve this by allowing seamless interoperability and control between WASM smart contract environments with EVM smart contracts.
The scope of this session will be using XVM within a single layer 1 blockchain (Astar Network) and opening up the discussion about cross-chain implications and the future of interoperable blockchains and cross-chain dApps.


Title: DeFi Deep-dive

When: Dec 1, 9:30am-12pm

Where: Room4

Moderators: Nicolas Arevalo, Parity; Lucas Kozinski , Moonwell

Session Description: As our DeFi ecosystem has moved beyond the initial building phase and further matures, it is high time that we come together to share experiences, discuss ideas, exchange resources, let out frustrations but also refocus on our aspirations, and strategize the path forward.

Topics and questions:

  • Your understanding of where we are at as a DeFi ecosystem at the moment.
  • What is lacking and how do we get there?
  • What are your priorities and top issues at the moment?
  • What would be the main threads of synergies across our DeFi ecosystem?
  • How can we communicate better?
  • How can we collaborate better?
  • All about Statemint
  • What XCM use cases within DeFi are you most excited about?
  • What would you need to make XCM more useful?
  • Recent events have highlighted the utmost importance of decentralisation and the absolute necessity of DeFi. How can we seize the opportunity? What can we do to rebuild our space?
  • What are the current pain points or unfulfilled spots in DeFi to which Polkadot’s tech is best positioned to provide a solution?
  • What are the current roadblocks that only Parity can (or best to have Parity to) remove (tech/infra/tools/data/bd/partnerships/commercial deals, etc.)?
  • What role should Parity play to grow our DeFi Ecosystem in the near- mid- and long-term?

Who are encouraged to participate:

  • Representatives (Founders, BD/Partnerships, Engineering, Products) from DeFi Parachains/Protocols/Products
  • Bridge teams
  • Members from the XCM team
  • Members from the system chains
  • All are welcome!

Objective and Outcome:

  • To have a deep and shared understanding of the current status of the Polkadot DeFi Ecosystem
  • To take away action items to remove blockers and move forward

Title: Standardization of the cross consensus transferable asset maintenance process
Hosts: Harald Heckmann (me)
Team Name: Zeitgeist

Workshop goal: The purpose of this workshop is to collaboratively develop a standard to register, track update and remove cross consensus transferable on-chain and to derive implementation templates for the chain code as well as the off-chain code used to instruct cross chain transfers.

During the configuration of XCM with respect to cross chain asset transfers, we observed that almost every team applies a different solution to configure XCM with respect to cross chain asset transfers. This renders providing a standardized generic implementation that can be used by any project to provide the cross chain asset transfer functionality to the users incredibly difficult.

In this workshop we will discuss potential solutions and structures used within those solutions, to eventually come to consensus about a standard and a generic implementation template that can be used by any team to register, track, update and remove foreign assets on-chain based on their own needs. In addition to that, we will derive another implementation template from it, that can be used to provide generic access to cross consensus transferable assets and to automatically derive the dispatchable calls that are necessary to craft transactions that execute cross chain asset transfers for those assets.


Thank you all for your amazing contributions.

A special congratulations to @hoonkim, @hashwarlock, @marta.adamczyk and @Brainjar for winning the final slot based on votes for the following topics:

  • Hoon & Mario from Astar: Expanding smart contracts with XVM
  • Joshua & Zoe from Phala: Full Web3 Stack with Secure Off-Chain Computation
  • Marta & Martina from SubQuery: Polkadot Brand Marketing - Challenges and Next Steps
  • 0xbrainjar & 0xslenderman from Composable: UX Deep Dive with XCVM and CosmWasm

The agenda is now final and you can read more about it here with a Google Calendar link here.


Thanks @Arwen
We’re looking forward to the session and the entire event ofc!