Polkadot Release Analysis v0.9.35

Polkadot Release Analysis v0.9.35

:warning: The following report is not an exhaustive list of changes included in the release, but a set of changes that we felt deserved to be highlighted due to their impact on the Polkadot ecosystem builders.

Please do not stop reading the release notes v0.9.35. This report is complementary to the changelogs, not a replacement.

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Please note that this release is for the Kusama (and Westend) runtime only, and does not include client binaries. It can be considered optional from a Polkadot parachain builders perspective.
The main purpose of this release is to fine-tune some OpenGov parameters on the Kusama runtime and remove the requirement for implicit approval chilling upon slash.

Runtimes built on release v0.9.35

  • Kusama v9350
  • Westend v9350

:warning: PRs Related to Kusama Runtime

Remove implicit approval chilling upon slash.

PR: https://github.com/paritytech/substrate/pull/12420

Why is this change interesting for builders?

Chilling is the process, when you want to take temporarily pause in staking, either as a nominator or validator. You can go through How to Chill to know more about this process.

At the moment, chilling process is very restrictive. If a slash is canceled, the chilling is not. This has been a major pain point so far. The purpose of this PR is to protect nominators. Once the slash will be canceled, nominators will be reactivated. You can find the discussion here. This PR adds relaxation to chilling process and removes restrictions on it.

Does this change have a related companion PR?

polkadot companion: #6424

Is there any related issue?

OpenGov: Tweak parameters further

PR: OpenGov: Tweak parameters further by gavofyork · Pull Request #6416 · paritytech/polkadot · GitHub

How this impacts our polkadot builders?

This PR should not affect you if you are not using Open Gov based governance system. At the moment. OpenGov is present only on Kusama.

This PR includes some tweaks in parameters, which are related to preparation, confirmation and enactment delay, by considering real world secenarios.

Your friendly neighbourhood Polkadot Release Analysis team,
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In case you missed the report from the previous release (v0.9.34):

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Note: There has been an update to this release with the following:


Refund referendum submission deposit
PR: https://github.com/paritytech/substrate/pull/12788

As mentioned in the PR comment, this is a breaking change and requires a migration.

You can find the storage migration for the referenda pallet here.

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