Polkadot Pioneer Prize Nomination: Jan @koute for PolkaVM: Polkadot's Leap Into RISC-V Based Virtual Machine

I hereby nominate Jan [@koute] for PolkaVM: Polkadot’s Leap Into RISC-V Based Virtual Machine.

Here is @koute explaining PolkaVM in his own words:

Introducing PolkaVM: Polkadot’s Leap Into RISC-V Based Virtual Machine

No one has conveyed more excitement and inspired more technical innovation excitement this year, and it is clear that this is a key foundation to Polkadot 2.0’s future, for Coreplay, ink!, and probably a lot of other things in the Polkadot universe.

@koute did not do this breakthrough innovation because of a bounty, but because he loved doing it and I think its important to honor this kind of work.

I suggest a substantial amount of the Infrastructure component (100-150K DOT) as a bounty for @koute to the curators of the Polkadot Pioneer’s Prize (see Polkadot Pioneers Prize, an Incentive Prize Program and repo) as a minimum. To the best of my knowledge, @koute developed this single handedly. I would also suggest establishing an annual tradition around the holidays to honor those who contributed in this way if possible.

Thank you @koute!