Polkadot Digest 7 Sep 2023

Polkadot News

With twelve hours until the Ending Period begins, Energy Web is in the lead in the current parachain lease auction. Auctions and crowdloans on Polkadot & Kusama networks | Parachains.info

Referendum 139, proposing a parachain slot swap for Moonbeam, has had its decision deposit placed and contextual information added. It now up for vote on the Root track. Moonbeam: Swap Leases with Parachain 3342 | Polkassembly

Referendum 142, proposing to increase MaxMemoryPages to 512 MB, is now up for vote on the Whitelisted Track. Increase MaxMemoryPages to 512MB | Polkassembly

I gave an interview about Polkadot yesterday on The LBank Show. You can watch a replay here: https://twitter.com/Web3foundation/status/1699425697922474325

Kusama News

With two and a half days left in the current parachain lease auction, Virto Network has been in the lead the entire Ending Period. Kusama Auctions and Crowdloans | Parachains.info

Referendum 268, to close some erroneous bounties, is now up for vote. To close erroneous and spam bounties | Polkassembly