Polkadot Digest 4 Aug 2023

Polkadot News

With three days left in the current parachain lease auction, InvArch is in the lead, but anonymous parathread ID 3346 has also been in the lead during the Ending Period. Auctions and crowdloans on Polkadot & Kusama networks | Parachains.info

This means either of these parathreads could win the auction. For details, see Parachain Slot Auctions · Polkadot Wiki

The Polkadot staking rate has increased slightly to 44.82%. Polkadot Staking Dashboard | Polkadot Staking (DOT)

Referendum 85, proposing funding for The Kusamarian, is seeing one of the closest votes in Polkadot OpenGov history, currently at ~ 50.7% in favor. https://polkadot.polkassembly.io/referenda/85

Referendum 73, rejecting old Gov1 Treasury Proposals and refunding deposits where applicable, currently has 99.9% in favor. https://polkadot.polkassembly.io/referenda/73

Having trouble keeping up with all Polkadot OpenGov referenda? You can delegate your votes on different tracks using the Delegation Dashboard. https://delegation.polkadot.network/

Kusama News

With half a day left in the current parachain lease auction, GM Parachain has been in the lead the majority of the Ending Period, although Kabocha has also been in the lead for ~ 14% of blocks. Kusama Auctions and Crowdloans | Parachains.info