Polkadot Digest 15 May 2024

Polkadot News

Interested in hearing an in-depth discussion on Polkadot OpenGov? Check out the latest OpenGov Office Hours with Alice_und_Bob. https://twitter.com/alice_und_bob/status/1790430046298972586

Decentralized Lugano, including an on-chain governance panel including me, is tomorrow in Lugano, Switzerland. Decentralized Lugano 2024 | Scytale Digital

As part of the initiative to stabilize the Polkadot SDK, there is an initiative for an “omninode”, so most or all parachains can use the same Polkadot node software. Polkadot Parachain Omni-Node: Gathering Ideas and Feedback

Kusama News

Identity is currently being migrated from the Kusama Relay Chain to the People Chain. This process should complete later today. Subscan | Aggregate Substrate ecological network high-precision Web3 explorer

Referendum 388, proposing to re-enable identity on Kusama, is passing with 94% in favor. Enable Identity Again on People Chain | Polkassembly

The W3F Technical Education team is developing an Educhain parachain. It is now live on Rococo. https://twitter.com/DrW3RK/status/1790644078272495797

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