Polkadot Digest 13 June 2023

Polkadot News

Referendum 119, proposing to swap parachain lease slots for Acala, has passed. https://polkadot.polkassembly.io/referendum/119

Referendum 121, proposing to upgrade the relay chain to runtime 9420 and enable Polkadot OpenGov, is passing with 99% in favor and two days left to vote. https://polkadot.polkassembly.io/referendum/121

Interested in what’s happening in the Polkadot ecosystem outside of the Relay Chain? Check out the Polkadot Round-Up every Monday. Latest edition: https://twitter.com/Polkadot/status/1668220872866267137

The recording of the Polkadot Pioneers AMA, featuring teams building with ink!, is available here: https://twitter.com/Polkadot/status/1668259257639223296

The Polkadot staking rate has been slowly increasing and is now at 43.09%. Polkadot Staking Dashboard | Polkadot Staking (DOT)

Controller accounts are being deprecated in favor of staking proxies. The Staking Dashboard will soon no longer support Controller accounts. If you are using a Controller account, you can connect to the Staking Dashboard and convert it. Polkadot Staking Dashboard | Polkadot Staking (DOT)

Kusama News

Referendum 214, seeking to further decentralize the collator set on Statemine and Kusama Bridge Hub, has passed. https://kusama.polkassembly.io/referenda/214

Six other Referenda are currently up for vote in Kusama OpenGov. Polkadot/Substrate Portal

The Kusama staking rate continues to slowly increase and is now at 53.25%. Polkadot Staking Dashboard | Polkadot Staking (DOT)