Polkadot Deep Dives series

Last year, we decided to launch internal learning sessions with the purpose to promote learning and share knowledge about FRAME pallets and Substrate tooling.

16 learning sessions have been conducted so far, covering topics such as governance, account & balances or XCM. Here is an overview of the pallets that have been already covered during the past few months:

Governance cycle v1

  • Treasury pallet
  • Democracy pallet
  • Collective pallet
  • Bounties, child bounties & tips pallets

Account & Balances cycle

  • Balances pallet
  • Multisig pallet
  • Proxy pallet
  • Vesting pallet
  • Atomic swap & gilt pallets
  • Identity & Nicks pallets
  • Recovery pallet
  • Tx payment

XCM cycle

  • XCM overview
  • pallet-xcm & XCM runtime config
  • XCMv3

Core cycle

  • System pallet

We are currently working on making these sessions public as we have launched the Polkadot Deep Dives series early this year. 2 sessions covering the balances and multisig pallets have been released so far, and we are planning to release one new video, every week.

If you would like to see one of the past sessions released in priority, please let us know here in comments. Moving forward, future learning sessions will be publicly live streamed on Twitch. More information on this will be shared soon!


I wanted to publicly thank you for deciding to release these sessions, they are very informative videos, well done, and allow you to learn many key concepts of Substrate and the reasoning behind it! I look forward to watching the others yet to be released!


We are conducting our first learning session today on Twitch. The executive pallet will be presented by the Delivery Services team. Join us at 4PM Berlin time :nerd_face:

For those who cannot attend, the session will be recorded and published in Youtube afterwards.


Looking forward to the Democracy and XCM deep dives!

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The Timestamps and Inherents pallet will be presented today on Twitch . by the Delivery Services team. Join us at 4PM Berlin time :nerd_face:

Thank you @gfox, we will be releasing them in priority!

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We are closing the CORE cycle today with the Try-runtime pallet presented by the Delivery Services team on Twitch. Join us at 4PM Berlin time. Next week, we will be starting a new cycle focusing on how to launch a parachain :dizzy:. Stay tuned!

We are starting tomorrow our new cycle about Parachain, with our first session intituled ‘Road to parachain: from conception to launch’. The session will be live streamed on Twitch at 4 PM CET.

If you find yourself asking the below questions, this session is for you!

  • What are the benefits of launching a parachain on Polkadot? Why should I care?
  • What is process for becoming a parachain?
  • What are the options to deploy a parachain?
  • How can I best prepare my parachain auction?

I highly encourage you to save the session in your calendar :slightly_smiling_face:

See you tomorrow!

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We are starting today a new learning cycle about Ink! & WASM. Join us for our first session about the Contracts pallet on Twitch at 4 PM CET.