Polkadot Daily Digest 7 Feb 2024

Polkadot News

The Web3 Foundation released the Decentralized Voices Program, delegating 180,000 KSM and 42 M DOT of voting power to active voters to ensure a fair decision-making process. Decentralized Voices Program. Web3 Foundation has created the… | by Web3 Foundation Team | Web3 Foundation | Feb, 2024 | Medium

The next Polkadot Blockchain Academy will be in Singapore from 20th May to 20th June 2024. Apply here https://polkadot.network/development/blockchain-academy/?utm_source=wiki.polkadot.network&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=pba 4 5&utm_content=notification

Referendum 74 is up for vote by the Polkadot Technical Fellowship III-Dan members. RFC #10 If it passes, coretime sales will be initiated with the burning mechanism. Further changes to the destination of coretime sale revenues can be subject to an OpenGov referendum in the future if the token holders deem it necessary.

An initial proposal for pricing of coretime on Polkadot and Kusama has been posted on the Polkadot Forum. Feedback is welcome. Initial Coretime Pricing - #6 by pdmerritt

The Polkadot staking rate has increased since yesterday and is now at 52.97%. Polkadot Staking Dashboard | Polkadot Staking (DOT)

Polkadot’s minimum active bond has been increasing, and it is now at 562 DOT. However, if you want to make sure you earn staking rewards as a nominator you need a minimum 622 DOT. If you have less than this amount, consider joining a nomination pool. Polkadot bi-weekly Staking Snapshot - 5th... - PolkaVerse

With 2 days before the start of the next parachain lease auction, Equilibrium’s crowdloan is open for contributions. Polkadot Auctions and Crowdloans | Parachains.info

There are currently 43 active referenda on Polkadot OpenGov. Cast your vote or delegate your votes to entities you trust. Polkadot/Substrate Portal

Kusama News

Khala Network won the most recent Kusama slot auction. Kusama Auctions and Crowdloans | Parachains.info

The Kusama staking rate has slightly increased since yesterday and now stands at 52.20%. Polkadot Staking Dashboard | Polkadot Staking (DOT)

There are currently 9 active referenda on Kusama OpenGov. Cast your vote or delegate your votes to entities you trust. Polkadot/Substrate Portal