Polkadot Conformance Tests proposal


Polkadot’s drive for decentralization and resilience has led to rise of five distinct host implementations—Polkadot by Parity, Smoldot by Smoldot, Kagome by Quadrivium, Gossamer by ChainSafe, and Fruzhin by LimeChain. While this diversity fosters decentralization, it also presents unique challenges, particularly in ensuring protocol compliance and robustness.

To address these challenges, our team proposes a different approach to protocol compliance testing through Zombienet—a framework designed to power host-agnostic Host Conformance Tests. By crafting comprehensive testing scenarios and leveraging Zombienet’s capabilities, we aim to enhance the reliability and resilience of Polkadot’s ecosystem.

Our Proposal:

Our proposal outlines a phased approach to implementing Zombienet-powered testing, starting with Polkadot as the initial host implementation. Through careful test case crafting, the development of a custom Host Conformance Runtime, and seamless integration with Zombienet, we seek to establish a robust testing framework that ensures protocol compliance across all implementations.

Development Roadmap:

We’ll start by crafting test cases for essential functionalities like State Trie, Trie Host API, and SCALE modules. Then, we’ll build a custom Host Conformance Runtime to facilitate scalable testing and seamlessly integrate it with Zombienet for automated testing. Finally, we’ll develop automation scripts to streamline fixture parsing and script generation.

Future Plans:

Looking ahead, we envision expanding the capabilities of our testing framework by adding consensus tests, refining existing fixtures, and integrating additional host implementations. Through continuous improvement and collaboration, we aim to establish Zombienet as the gold standard for protocol compliance testing within the Polkadot ecosystem.

You can see further details in the discussion post here: Polkadot Conformance Testing | Polkassembly

As usual, we are happy to chat and collaborate to make the Polkadot ecosystem even better together.

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