Polkadot 5-Year Look-Back

2022 was a year full of achievements for the Polkadot ecosystem - XCM live on Polkadot, OpenGov on Kusama, Nomination Pools & DOT’s morphing into software to name a few. But what have happened in the past 5 years? Looking back from 2018 to 2022, what have we as an ecosystem accomplished? Here are some major trends.

1. Major Launches & Technological Advancements

Substrate 1.0 updated to 2.0, 2018’s Fleetwood morphed to ink! 2.0, Substrate Connect light clients integrated into wallets, XCM v3 coming in 2023. Each year steadily brought new updates that make it easier for projects to operate within the ecosystem.

2. Core Active Devs & Code Commits

Data from Parity’s Github repos show an upward trend in number of core active devs and a consistent pattern in code commits from 2015 through to 2022.

3. Dev Activities on Substrate & Polkadot Github Repos

Specifically, if you look at the contribution chart in Substrate & Polkadot repos, you’ll see this similar consistency. More commits were seen from 2019 to 2022 on Polkadot repo, which likely collided with Polkadot’s pre-launch & launch.

4. Web3 Foundation Grants

Over 4 years of operation, Web3 Foundation has given out 476 grants. The top 3 projects received 7 grants each, and they are Astar Network, Zondax & 727 ventures.

5. Treasury

By the end of 2022, DOT treasury has paid out 4M+ DOT & KSM treasury 467K+ KSM for ecosystem development effort.

6. Staking

Staking ratio remained fairly stable over the years and oscillated around 50%.

7. Polkadot Accounts

Accounts on Polkadot increased sharply from 2021 to 2022 and surpassed the 1M milestone on 11 October 2022.

8. Parachain Auction

As 2022 concluded, 33 parachains were running on Polkadot & 41 on Kusama. The auction cost lowered significantly over time on both Polkadot and Kusama: from Moonbeam’s 35.76M+ DOT to Darwinia’s 9.9K DOT, and from Karura’s 501K+ KSM to Crab’s 11 KSM.

9. Social Media

Polkadot Twitter account recorded stellar growth from 2021 and concluded 2022 with ~1.39M followers. Polkadot’s Youtube now sits at 47.6K subscribers & Reddit at 80.7K members. Substrate StackExchange welcomes about 170 visitors per day, and the Polkadot Forum is running with 700+ users!

10. Community Expansion

Total community events skyrocketed from 15 to 700+ in four years. Polkadot Decoded 2022 edition in 4 cities around the globe became the Biggest Polkadot Event of All Time with a record 302,000+ people tuning in live.

Here’s to the next spectacular 5 years!

Data collected by Dotinsights & SubWallet. For the full Twitter thread, please see here.