Making edit suggestions to Polkadot blog

Where is the source code of Polkadot blog?
In Research Update: The Case for Candle Auctions there is a missing parenthesis in the following paragraph:

In conclusion, front-running essentially precludes static auctions auctions where the bidders simultaneously submit just one bid) and the transparency of smart contracts precludes auctions with a second-price payment rule (be it static or dynamic; i.e., with multiple rounds of bidding).

Should be

… static auctions (auctions where …

Also at the end,


is missing a title hypertext.

In Kusama Treasury Funds Seven Teams in Seven Weeks article,

If you want to learn more about how to submit a proposal, visit our wiki page

The link is broken.

Thanks for reporting the issues with the blog posts @HugoTrentesaux

It is not possible to make edit suggestions to the Polkadot blog. Will bring this to the attention of the team that administers the content on the blog posts.

@zach @Arwen we could have a forum section for reporting such errors and mistakes, or perhaps a github repo to open issues in.