Lowering deposit base for multisig calls

Currently the deposit base is 20.088 DOT as per the chain state constants defined. As per my understanding this is done to prevent bloating of the chain state from multisig calls that are initiated but never completed.

Calculation of final deposit = DepositBase + (threshold of multisig * DepositFactor)

Is there any scope of lowering the deposit base? without the network getting affected much? Inspired from lowering ED.

IMO the focus should be toward moving functionality into parachains and having apps favor parachains over the Relay Chain as much as possible. Of course native staking/governance are still on the Relay Chain so there aren’t many ways around it, but we are working on moving those off the Relay this year.

For things like simple DOT transfers, these should 100% be done on parachains like Asset Hub. The deposit is 100x lower.