Interoperability PoC template for transfer of deeds between regulated entities


nayaone is a digital transformation enabler for financial institutions and regulators across the world, connecting emerging technologies and companies to technology teams and business units, accelerating adoption through rapid experimentation.

our products power the digital sandbox for regulators, innovation platform for 100+ financial institutions and enterprises globally. we also support our enterprise clients organise tech sprints focusing on interoperability, ownership, and other critical digital asset use cases, accelerating the adoption of new technologies through rapid experimentation.

one of the main challenges we’ve seen across the technical teams and developers exploring substrate based networks and polkadot ecosystem is the need to navigate compliance and regulatory requirements in order to begin the testing and implementation on relevant domain specific use cases. in addition to that, enterprise integrations with polkadot and substrate based networks is another area of focus.

as an innovation enabler supporting developers in the enterprises, and also to enable polkadot ecosystem developers to support enterprises in their transformation, we propose an interoperability template. this initiative emerged from a collaborative project with a banking institution and its commercial client, further endorsed by subsequent validation from consortium participants


interoperability proof of concept template for financial institutions is a prebuilt set of networks with custom pallets and modules that cover the regulatory compliance and system integration setup needed to get started with multi party engagements.

re-usable domain specific modules and pallets tailored for the financial industry.
compliance-oriented network featuring privacy modules, encryption standards, and contract validation mechanisms.
comprehensive audit trails for enhanced accountability and traceability.
ready to launch networks showcasing interoperability between regulated entities
access control and asset tracking in supply chain.

our goal with this project is to expand the polkadot ecosystem’s reach within the enterprise domain, enabling more developers to engage with and adapt polkadot technologies for traditional financial applications - bridging the gap between the innovative potential of the polkadot ecosystem and the complex requirements of the traditional financial industry.

look forward to hearing your suggestions/feedback.

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