How to find mentorship to become a substrate developer and land the first job?

My aim is to become a core blockchain developer (not just the smart contract developer). So I can create custom blockchain for companies to meet their business needs.

I am good with rust and previously worked on it and contributed into rust-clippy project.

After reading through this post I found great learning resources, and now my questions are :

  1. How to find mentorship and land the first job?

  2. What are the possible steps that can be taken to increase the likelihood of a successful career of a substrate developer?

Please Note : Currently I’m unemployed and therefore I have plenty of time to prepare myself.


One start point is to pick a Substrate issue and start working on it Issues · paritytech/substrate · GitHub


I think you should also look into and apply to the next Polkadot Blockchain Academy:

As far as I understand, Rust developers are in scarce supply in the whole blockchain ecosystem. Most teams would be willing to interview and hire individuals without specific Polkadot / blockchain experience, but are talented in Rust and able to learn fast.

I would say start applying today, and see what happens while you also follow up with these other things.

EDIT: And on top of all of that, I believe there are a number of specific asks our community would have for the Clippy project, since it doesn’t handle all of our linting perfectly yet. If you’d be interested in helping improve clippy FOR Substrate / Polkadot, I am sure there will be a lot of opportunities there too.


I would even strongly suggest setting a treasury bounty if you do decide to work in improving clippy for Substrate, every single runtime developer would 100% agree that these are needed improvements that can potentially save a lot of headaches and improve development efficiency.


I would definitely love to help with clippy. I created several lints in clippy and updated a few. So, count me in.

I checked the polkadot developer academy and it seems it’s not available online. I mean I have to attend in person, unfortunately that’s out of my current financial ability to travel. If there’s any way to participate online, please let me know.

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@timdobie might be able to give context for the PBA

Hey @royrustdev, I look after recruiting for the Polkadot Blockchain Academy. More info about it here; Polkadot Blockchain Academy | Become A Leading Blockchain Engineer

Let me know if you’d like to chat with me about it?

Many thanks,



@timdobie I would love to connect with you for further discussion on possible participation on Polkadot Blockchain Academy. How may I contact you?