Discussion - Highest Priority Pallet Functionality

I love the Polkadot system and think the most significant feature is runtime upgradability. It’s hard for traditional blockchains to upgrade the runtime on the contrary it’s easy for the Polkadot.

Thanks to the pallet system, we can easily upgrade the runtime to the new one suited for processing the latest scheme and storage efficient structure.


We implemented the Polkadot-compatible cryptography primitives basis on the latest cryptographic scheme and will work on functionalities.

What do you think about which functionalities are the most priority?

  • Usability
  • Scaling
  • Privacy
  • Off-Chain Oracle
  • Other


We have a passion for implementing convenient Parachain infrastructure which is reflected in the latest optimization. It improves the existing user experience and attracts new users with functionalities. Because of the runtime upgradability I mentioned, we can realize both simple-to-use and various functionalities.



Improving private key management, gas fee payment flexibility, and gas cost. A concrete solution is Account Abstraction.

  • Users can backup their private key and restore it when it’s lost
  • Users can pay the gas for transactions not only native token
  • Smart contracts can process transactions with batch and save gas cost


Improving gas cost and mainchain storage size. Concrete technologies are mainly ZkRollups, Danksharding, and OptimisticRollups. The Polkadot is also the solution for scaling problems. The Polkadot and Danksharding facilitate Relaychain(Mainchain) scaling and, ZkRollups and OptimisticRollups facilitate Parachain scaling.


Improving confidentiality of transactions. A concrete solution is a confidential transfer and anonymous transfer. Confidential hides the transfer amount and anonymous hides relevant addresses additionally the transfer amount. Confidential transfer supports AML whereas anonymous transfer doesn’t support without a trusted party.

Off-Chain Oracle

Increasing data type and linking real-world assets to NFT. Concrete solutions are TEE verification and TLS handshake verification. Combination of remote attestation and on-chain verification, we can use IoT data on Dapp. Dapp works as a payment and authentication platform for IoT applications. Combining MPC and selective opening, we can use Internet data on Dapp. The smart contract granted access to the internet.


Thank you Joshua for useful advise!

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  • Usability
  • Scaling
  • Privacy
  • Off-Chain Oracle
  • Other

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Please tell us specific topic when you vote to Other
It would be super helpful!

I don’t know. Usability is of course important and we already have multiple wallets trying to build good UX wallet. Not sure what additional action points we can do about this.

Scaling, yeah, Parity is working on it. Async backing can reduce block time by half and double block size at the same time. Again, I see no additional action points other than continue the work.

Privacy. We all know it is important but it is not that important. I don’t think it is the silver bullet that makes Polkadot more appealing to users & developers compare to other platform. Also we already have multiple privacy parachains and W3F is spending a lot of efforts with zk as well.

Off-chain oracle. Again, we already have multiple parachains working on this. I just don’t see any additional action points.

To be honest, what will be the actions points once we have an answer? It is not like we can only work on one task at a time, and there are teams working on all those things. Throw more resources will not necessary improve the situation.

Thank you for the reply.

Sorry for the lack of explanation.
The main purpose is to decide the things the our team (Kogarashi) is going to work on next.
As we mentioned before, we implemented the Polkadot-compatible cryptography primitives.
As far as I know, there were no crypto primitives compatible with the Substrate pallet so far.
We think that we can do other approaches to these issues.

For example, regarding scaling, one solution is ZkRollups.
In that technology, we need to verify zero-knowledge proof on blockchain runtime.
At that time, we need crypto primitives compatible with the Substrate pallet.
If scaling is the highest priority, we are going to implement the ZkRollups pallet and publish it for the Polkadot ecosystem developers.

To be honest, what will be the action points once we have an answer?

We are going to implement and publish pallets for these solutions.

  • Scaling → ZkRollups or Danksharding pallets
  • Privacy → Confidential transfer pallet which hides the transfer amount
  • Off-Chain Oracle → Trustless Off-Chain Oracle pallet

These pallets are easily imported by other parachains projects and they can use functionalities.
As far as I know, there is no pallet in charge of these.

More details about technical stuff, I will explain with another post.
I would like to know what other parachain developers think about the issues.
I thought it would be also a beneficial ecosystem.

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