Decentralized Voices: Polkadot Ecology Research Institute - Building a Sustainable and Growing Future for Polkadot

Hi, everyone. I wish to be considered a candidate for the Decentralized Voices Program.

I am the founder of the Polkadot Ecosystem Research Institute and one of the initiators of the Polkadot Chinese community. The Polkadot Ecosystem Research Institute is an independent research organization focused on analyzing and studying the development of the Polkadot ecosystem.

Our team members are among the earliest contributors to the Polkadot Chinese community. Since 2019, we have been actively contributing to the Polkadot ecosystem by building the Chinese community, writing Polkadot analysis reports, connecting investment institutions to support Polkadot, and organizing various exchange activities. We made these contributions at a time when few users were familiar with Polkadot.

In September 2020, I established the “Polkadot Ecosystem Research Institute” to provide accurate information and understanding of Polkadot through our professional content and independent perspective. Although the institute has been around for four years, we have been involved in the Polkadot ecosystem for over five years.

If you are familiar with the Polkadot Chinese market, you might have seen me at various events. In the Chinese market, those who wish to deeply understand Polkadot often follow us, relying on our original content and data to gain a true understanding of Polkadot’s development. Users entering the Polkadot ecosystem, institutions looking for investment opportunities in Polkadot, and various Polkadot ecosystem projects also follow us and communicate their progress through us to the community.

Our Political Philosophy

Below is our voting logic or governance philosophy:

  1. Maintaining Decentralized and Democratic Decision-Making in the Treasury

We believe decentralized governance is the cornerstone of the long-term success of the Polkadot ecosystem. We support establishing decision-making mechanisms based on consensus and democratic principles, ensuring that every member of the Polkadot community has an equal opportunity to participate and voice their opinions.

  1. Aiming for Sustainable Development and Stable Growth:

We focus on long-term benefits rather than short-term gains, ensuring the treasury’s use positively impacts the Polkadot ecosystem’s sustainable development. Each allocation of treasury funds undergoes careful consideration to ensure it benefits the ecosystem’s long-term interests. To ensure Polkadot’s continuous and stable growth, we prioritize organizations that consistently contribute to the ecosystem. This approach will help identify the initial teams providing public goods, forming a cornerstone for Polkadot’s stable development. We also monitor the treasury’s income and expenditure, supporting proposals that increase income and reduce expenditure of Treasury.

  1. Advocating for Diversity and Inclusiveness in Polkadot Governance

We support diversity and inclusiveness, encouraging people from different backgrounds and perspectives to participate in Polkadot governance and proposals. This can foster broader discussions and better decision-making outcomes.

  1. Encouraging Technological Diversity and Innovation

We believe Web3 requires technological innovation and a spirit of challenge. We support experimental projects and the development of emerging technologies. Polkadot, as an open blockchain platform, needs to continuously drive technological progress and innovation to adapt to the ever-changing market demands. We hope Polkadot will become an inclusive and innovative ecosystem, achieving parity with other blockchain ecosystems and even surpassing them.

  1. Focusing on Economic Model Improvements and Ecosystem Development

In addition to focusing on technology, we have long been concerned with changes in Polkadot’s economic model and ecosystem development. We believe Polkadot’s development should empower DOT, attracting more capital, applications, and users, creating a significant network effect, and enabling large-scale adoption of Polkadot. We will strive to promote proposals that enhance DOT’s empowerment, thus fostering the ecosystem’s development and benefiting Polkadot itself.

  1. Driving Solutions from a Global Perspective

Many of Polkadot’s challenges cannot be solved with single solutions but require comprehensive, collaborative frameworks. We will propose more improvement suggestions during our tenure as a Decentralized Voice (DV), promote more discussions, and eventually implement solutions. This will make Polkadot’s governance more planned, predictable, and visibly growing.

Why We Are the Best Choice for This Program

As the founder of the Polkadot Ecosystem Research Institute, I have always closely followed the key developments and trends in Polkadot and its ecosystem. I have a deep understanding of Polkadot OpenGov and have been sharing our insights and opinions in the Chinese community since its launch.

Over the past few years, the Polkadot Ecosystem Research Institute has received eight treasury grants. On one hand, we are direct participants in the treasury application and voting process, understanding the challenges and how to better filter applicants who align with Polkadot’s development. On the other hand, I often communicate with other treasury participants (including voters) to understand their real thoughts and needs, and I often offer support to teams that want to apply for the Treasury. This dual role gives me a comprehensive understanding of the treasury’s real situation and the community’s support needs.

As a significant participant in the Asia-Pacific market, the Polkadot Ecosystem Research Institute represents part of the community in this region. Through extensive communication, I understand the appropriate direction for Polkadot’s development and can identify organizations or projects that align with Polkadot’s growth, working together to build Polkadot.

We not only focus on the current progress of Polkadot governance but also explore how to use Polkadot’s governance and treasury to achieve sustainable development and large-scale adoption. We will continue to propose improvement suggestions to achieve this goal.

Our Research Outcomes on OpenGov

Previously, we conducted extensive research and conclusions on Polkadot, its ecosystem, and OpenGov governance. These conclusions provide a theoretical foundation for how to use OpenGov to enhance Polkadot’s development.

We have provided a comprehensive strategic development report for Polkadot governance, with over 28,000 Chinese characters and over 14,000 English words, making it one of the longest original content pieces on Polkadot in the Chinese language. By studying how other blockchains achieve stable growth and attract users, funds, and projects long-term, we developed a theoretical framework for Polkadot’s continuous growth. This report will guide us in improving Polkadot’s governance: Polkadot Growth Strategy Report: Building a Continuously Growing Future for Polkadot.

Regarding whether to adjust DOT’s inflation rate, how to adjust it, and how to handle Polkadot coretime income, we have also proposed our views and solutions: Polkadot Inflation Adjustment.

Many DOT holders believe the treasury brings significant selling pressure, leading to a downward spiral. Here are my thoughts and solutions: How to solve the Treasury Selling Pressure problem.

We also combined Dr. Gavin Wood’s views on the future development of the treasury, sharing our thoughts and insights: Future Development of Treasury.

Explaining the positive impact of OpenGov, which has increased efficiency by opening multiple departments to handle different proposals, replacing the criticized council with more open governance, allowing everyone to participate in Polkadot voting: Impact of OpenGov.

How to make Polkadot and its ecosystem interact more organically, creating a mutually beneficial relationship: How to Foster an Organic Interaction Between Polkadot and Its Ecosystem, Creating a Spiraling Upward Relationship.

Guiding users on how to actively participate in Polkadot treasury discussions or governance, including tutorials for using the Polkadot forum: Polkadot Forum Tutorial.

About Me

Zou Yang: Founder of the Polkadot Ecosystem Research Institute. I have six years of experience in the blockchain industry, focusing on blockchain project research, industry implementation, project consulting and incubation, and in-depth content creation. I have produced over one million words of industry content, with a total readership exceeding 60 million.

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