Decentralized Voices: Cohort 2. SAXEMBERG

Saxemberg has shown they are capable of doing this. I have learned about different proposals whenever they post their responses/feedback on Twitter(X). They are beneficial to the community.

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frankywild TheOyster Why CertHum-Jim

Thank you for your support and feedback whenever was required. We aim to keep the standard high during this second cohort and improve wherever necessary, You know that we’re just one e-mail / DM away.


As a valued nominator to our validators, your feedback is always heard. We will continue improving upon that tenet and hopefully we can make that process a bit more streamlined in the future. No promises/Expect Chaos on that effort though.


Seeing your comment here is really a sign that we are doing our work in the way we intended from the get go. We have found supporting one referendum of yours and opposing another you were involved in. Even though, we oppose X or Y proposal, our intention is always to keep rooting for team Polkadot and its people despite of us going against a given proposal at a given time.

GustavoJoppert Gabekoin LUI5 pararachainboy

As part of the Brazil BD we had the privilege of working directly with some of the most talented people in the BD field ever, not only on blockchain but overall. We have learned and hopefully keep learning from you guys and we hope to be able to transmit that skill and drive to other OpenGov proposals. Thanks for the support in this second cohort.


Thanks for the endorsement. As a matter of fact we don’t think we are 100% impartial as biases exist and we would like to push some efforts over others as part of our plan (described in the OP). However, we definitely can agree that keeping a balanced and non-prejudiced approach towards all proposals is a must.


Thanks for the support. Our founder has been in direct contact with you regarding several referenda and your insight has always been valuable regardless of our position, either supportive or against your point of view. We have been listening to your feedback and improving upon whenever possible. As a matter of fact, due to the value of this feedback we hope to streamline it in order to include more possible participants in the conversation in the future. Also, No promises/Expect Chaos on that front.

Irina.Karagyaur bekka

We deeply appreciate your support and hope to continue seeing your work in the future both in BD and Software Development respectively, it is quite promising.



The original Apillon proposal(s) was/were among the best communicated from both parts. The proposer and the community feedback. So we hope to see the clarity in communication in those proposals replicated in the future for even more proposals. It was truly a lesson for many of us. Thank you for your support.


As you can see on the Richvalidator’s link, our commercial platform is not the biggest by any means (only 44th) so it’s difficult to monopolize anything at that level and what it really does is to help fund operations directly and without strings attached as we are paid by the Polkadot Network itself. So it’s in our best interest to grow it as much as possible. So in the end, our commercial operations and the fact that Saxemberg’s founder and co-founder are TGE participants only helps align ourselves for the success of the network above all things.


Thanks for the comment. Yes, our intentions are truly genuine. You should check our memes on X though. They are :fire::fire::fire:


Full support to SAXEMBERG. There is no better candidate than those Guys. I truly admire the commitement and contributions. SAXEMBERG showed thier capability to hold a DV role beeing super constructive with the feedback. Rooting for transparency and reliaa and efficient spending, doing all what’s possible to keep the proposers accountable. Keep up the great work Guys!!!

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I fully support Saxemberg for the 2nd cohort of DV. They have proven great experiences, their due-diligence process and technical abilities are on a very high level, maybe even the highest from the 1st cohort! Also they are very responsive, which is beneficial for proposers and also for other participants of the OpenGov. They deserve to be in the 2nd cohort for the sake of continuity, I think it’s smart to keep a few players of the first party.

I’ve had the chance to connect with everyone from Decentralized Voices, and Saxemberg stands out for consistently embodying the values of the community. I really appreciate these people. Their transparency in providing feedback is also commendable. It would be a loss for OpenGov if they weren’t included in the second cohort. They’ve got my vote!