Decentralized Futures: Making AI accessible to all people-Monte Carlo

About Project:
Monte Carlo is an intelligent computing power scheduler. Through the intelligent scheduling of computing power, it provides more scalable and affordable AI services to AI apps and smart contracts.
By leveraging blockchain technology, we aim to create a platform that links computing power worldwide and makes AI accessible to everyone.

Problem statement:
For most of the developers, the cost of AI computing power is prohibitively high. Initiating a GPU cluster demands considerable upfront funding, and a significant amount of computing resources are wasted due to fluctuating usage.
Furthermore, excellent AI developers are barred because of the excessively high computation costs. Therefore, the computing power provided by GPU owners cannot provide maximum value.

How do we solve this?
We are building an intelligent computing power scheduler rooted in blockchain technology.
By scheduling the underlying computing power resources, and allowing devices to no longer serve a single product or model, we can greatly improve the utilization rate of computing power resources, thereby making AI more affordable and reliable.
Based on this computing power scheduler, we provide AI services to AI application developers and also offer a model market to bring income to model developers. Suppliers of computing power devices will obtain certain profits after being scheduled. The suppliers and consumers of computing power can be efficiently connected.

Monte Carlo is a solo chain intelligent scheduling network based on Substrate. It will be integrated into Polkadot and become a para chain in the near future.

We are building our full proposal but want to show the core idea to the Community first. We are looking forward to engaging with comments and suggestions.