Decentralised Futures - ProjectT:bringing Risk management to Polkadot

Hey everyone Tee here (with a bit of a late submission!).

Over the past few years of growing a leading DeFi protocol on Polkadot, we’ve come to learn the drivers of high growth (and the lack of it!), in particularly attracting institutional capital. When considering financial primitives, although there has been some movement in the Polkadot ecosystem, core building blocks are still missing, which has limited $bn’s volumes coming into the ecosystem.

Alas! We may have missed the first wave of capital $bn’s inflow, however the opportunity for the next $tn’s is there for grab. The question of what is still missing from the financial primitives to capture the opportunity?

The dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of the cryptocurrency market, characterized by high volatility, regulatory uncertainty, and technological risks, have kept most traditional industries from exploring distributed ledger technologies, as a viable option. Over the past year, we’ve seen those narratives changing:
> Global crypto users (verified) - 510m+
> Bitcoin resilience / recovery - Dec 21: $44k Dec 22: $17k Dec 23: $43k
> Investments in digital assets and blockchain - 2023 $6bn
> Total Investments in digital assets and blockchain - to date~$25bn+

We’ve also seen some rapid market accelerators:

  • Institutional and corporate acceptance of cryptocurrencies as inflation hedge and store of value
  • Improving market liquidity
  • Global regulatory landscape and compliance best practices maturing

To enable widespread adoption, the crypto economy still requires key institutional capabilities and especially the need for risk management. In order to help traditional organisations build, invest and navigate the complex landscape by providing tools for risk assessment, security measures, compliance, governance and strategic planning.

Intro ProjectT: A Scalable risk observability and management with comprehensive scoring for decentralized infrastructures.

ProjectT is a trailblazing observability, management, and scoring platform for profound risks in decentralized infrastructures that ensure the stability, security, and high performance of blockchain networks. Moreover, it allows real-time insight, advanced analytics, and predictive risk monitoring of core infrastructure(s). The platform is seamlessly integrated within Substrate and Polkadot for native solutions that better identify, assess and mitigate any risk.

ProjectT is developed on Substrate’s modular framework, making it natively compatible and a value add to the Polkadot ecosystems. It can directly work within their shared security, interoperability, and scalability features. Risk observability and management are embedded into these ecosystems to maintain the integrity and robustness of operation with the introduction of ProjectT.

Our sincerest desire is to make decentralized network operations even more resilient and secure. We believe in the value and necessity of proactively managing our infrastructure, backed by our commitment in the Polkadot ecosystem, risk management experience, and research and data analytics fields. We are building ProjectT to close the Web 3.0 adoption gap by delivering a comprehensive risk assessment tool for institutional builders and investors. We wish to promote the growth and sustainability of these networks by making available indispensable tools for their operators to manage associated risks efficiently and ensure long-term stability.


Hey Tee!

Looks like a super cool idea. From a builder’s perspective, I can also see this being useful for people who are considering building on Polkadot parachains. L2Beat, for example, enables developers to review activity, risks summary/analysis etc. Looking at the charts in your screenshot, it looks like a clear way for builders to see all of this in real-time!

Looking forward to seeing where you take this - let us know when it’s ready to get into the hands of builders!

– Phil (EasyA Co-Founder)

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Hey Tee!

This is a great idea, considering users/token holders deserve to have information related to risk as clearly and digestible as possible. StellaSwap has also shown commitment to Moonbeam and Polkadot as an ecosystem, which is super cool.

IMO - It would be good to explain further how you plan to develop such metrics. Can you provide a bit more details on the metrics and how they will be calculated so that you can compare projects in a transparent and reliable way?

Looking forward

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I would like to support this initiative. It seems to be a useful tool, which can foster new capital inflows to the ecosystem by generating easy access to on-chain data for fund managers. Of course I have no insights into the size of the ask and the business plan of Project T, but I would assume it will be made available also outside the ecosystem later, strengthening the role of Substrate as the development platform for Web3. I also trust Tee to be a good neighbor in our ecosystem who I know for many years.

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Great work, @Tee! I love the use case here. These tools offer comprehensive details on risk management with projects. We need this! I love this initiative, and you have my vote!