dAppForge: AI-powered plugin for Polkadot developers that reduces development time

Also, a sidenote: with most of the polkadot sdk docs being integrated into the repo itself, I imagine that various reference docs would also provide a lot of context for an llm

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With the growing set of ink! and substrate documentation and code examples, I think there is a good opportunity for this project to succeed. Compared to a few years back, now the learning ground has enough “substrate” for this initiative to grow.

Last year, the PBA Book was made public. The proposed use of AI with dAppForge could help new comers, who did not have the opportunity to attend PBA, to still have personalized assistance as they learn.

This initiative could also help a lot in accelerating the development and testing process, providing for example testing templates for developers to complete.

Also I am interested in trying its applications to vulnerability detection, particularly in building or adapting vulnerability detectors for new test cases that auditors find.

Good initiative!


I believe having such a tool in our ecosystem would be a game-changer. I’ve observed how much kapa.ai is being utilized on the Moonbeam Discord and documentation site, as well as on the Polkadot Discord. however, kapa.ai is trained only on a limited knowledge base, so it would be exciting to try the plugin that you’re building, Christian. It could significantly aid in onboarding new builders


After chatting with Christian I’m interested in dAppForge not only for myself as a dev, but also as a Web3 instructor/educator I think new students will appreciate this tool to expedite their learning and effectiveness, as the learning curve can be quite steep for some.


It is amazing idea, hope to see and play with AI-powered plugin for Polkadot developers soon.


We have been in conversation with Chris for the past year and have connected with him multiple times virtually as well as at PBA.

The proposal has significant merits, as a lot of folks have highlighted, and Chris’ commitment to the cause is something we have personally witnessed.
We look forward to hosting the proposal on Polkassembly and a wonderful execution from him!


At first I was not sure about the idea, but once I talked with @Chris_Nifty I understood the power of the project and the capability of @Chris_Nifty to mutate and fine tune the project to power up substrate development, I hope to see this working soon, I have seen how dedicated and focused is @Chris_Nifty and I’m sure with the ecosystem support he can create an amazing contribution.


Amazing idea. This would make more people get into the Substrate. Looking forward to testing this plugin


There are several ways in which such a plugin could help substrate developers.

For example, it could

  • Check for unsafe arithmetic functions
  • Check for panics at runtime, as this is particularly important for the security of the blockchain system.
  • Check for missing or wrong weights and benchmarking for extrinsics
  • Help with using the generic type system

Furthermore, it could store a Maven-like proxy to release pre-compiled crates to minimise compilation time (which is exhausting long for substrate projects).

Also, working with the rust analyser in codium is painfully slow.

I think it’s a really good idea to have a vertical static code analyser for the substrate, and I fully support this project!

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I like the idea, as a Rust developer working with ink! and Substrate I would love to try this out! Curious to know how good it is compared to GH Copilot!


Hey Chris, thanks for posting your proposal.

I can definitely see you passionate on this product after several conversation and what make you stand out of other new teams is that you actually spend lots of time to DM, on the call, and pitch the products every day, and Polkadot need founders like you in the ecosystem.

On the product, I’m not the engineers but seems like new developers coming from OpenGuild community really like what you are shipping and be involved to the Polkadot forum comment section despite they never did it before.

So to my own opinion, you are definitely deversed a support from DF program and beyond.

Send it ser! Good luck


I consider the dapp forge as a high value and necessary attempt, even if it could not be successful immediately. During the attemp process, lots of expierance and lessons can be harvested.

Besides, I think dappforge also should be positioned as a knowledge center which can educate more users,students, new developers and even regulatory supervisors.This openness will bring in more focus,participation and innovation.

However, maybe it will be a hard,long and dynamic process to forge this kind of innovation, should an incentive mode to build such AI platform be designed to iterate? Everyone who contribute to the trainning data, knowledge assets,training efforts and api maintenance etc should be recoreded and awards with some tokens?

I am not sure of the envision and mechanism of Origin trail network whether meet the target. In my opinion, a mechanism should better be set up to initiate an unstoppable journey for the first real value AI platform in web3 sector.


Let me know when the first version goes out and we will test it

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We are happy that dAppForge is now partner with the next CCTF x Polkadot event in Dubai, besides Token2049!

Official post from CCTF DAO’s side: https://twitter.com/CryptoCtf/status/1774787546134057368

Realy glad with the progress of dAppForge, We are currently discussion on collaboration with Mandala Chain. We are so excited with this dicussion.

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Hey Christian,

Great connecting with you at the Polkadot Blockchain Academy! Your project, dAppForge, caught my eye, and after reading through your detailed plan, I’m genuinely excited about its potential. The focus on easing the development process with AI specifically tailored for Substrate and ink! is innovative and timely. It’s clear that you’re addressing a real need within the Polkadot ecosystem, helping to lower the barrier to entry for new devs and streamline the work for experienced ones.

I’m particularly impressed with the thoughtfulness behind integrating advanced error handling and the emphasis on a continuous learning model that adapts to the evolving needs of the developer community. This approach not only makes dAppForge stand out from generic tools like Copilot and ChatGPT but also shows a deep understanding of the challenges faced in blockchain development.

Your roadmap and go-to-market strategy demonstrate a clear vision and an actionable plan to make a significant impact. I’m looking forward to seeing how dAppForge evolves and contributes to the growth of the Polkadot ecosystem. Keep up the great work!

Josep Garcés,
Founder & CEO