Contributing to the Substrate Developer Newsletter 🗞☕️

Every month if you signed up here you receive the Substrate Developer Newsletter in your mailbox, providing a digest of news from the past month for developers in our ecosystem. This includes:

  • A community section, showcasing work or announcements from builders in the ecosystem
  • An events section, highlighting the different events happening in the coming month
  • A technical updates and releases section, highlighting updates in Substrate and various tooling libraries

There’s also always a quote of the week and jobs section.

As primary contributor of the newsletter, I wanted to use this thread to share information about it and to learn from what the community likes / wants more of in it.

I’ve recently made this Github repository to encourage community contributions. It’s also a way to keep a public archive of past newsletters. Please use this repo to add your contributions before the 10th of each month (have a look at the README for further guidelines on contributing). For those familiar, this model is borrowed from how the Rust community curates This Week in Rust.

The archive of the past 4 editions is currently deployed here. Until earlier this week, there was no way to sample the newsletter before signing up for it — although where this is hosted and how its deployed is a temporary solution — now there is.


I’ll be posting the newsletters on PolkaVerse (SubSocial) going forward: Substrate Developer Newsletter - PolkaVerse . I’ve just created the space today and uploaded the past 4 newsletters there for everyone to read.

If you’re already a Polkaverse user, please make sure to follow this space and leave your comments for feedback or questions directly on the posts. And if you’re not, get on it! :smiley: