Contribute to the year-end 2023 Electric Capital Developer Report

Hi everyone!

Electric Capital (EC) is preparing the well-known and widely referenced 2023 Developer Report. Each year (and quarter), Polkadot is highlighted as one of the leading development ecosystems (second to Ethereum), thanks to diligent contributions in EC’s crypto-ecosystems repo. Let’s maintain this momentum :wink:

YE 2022 report excerpt:

Here’s how you can contribute (using Invarch as a recent contribution example):

  1. Check if your project and repos included: If you’re building on Polkadot or Kusama, ensure your projects are listed in the polkadot.toml or kusama.toml as sub_ecosystems by searching crypto-ecosystems/data/ecosystems

  2. Update Your Info: If not listed, add your project and submit a corresponding .toml file.:

    a) Add your project to sub_ecosystems under polkadot.toml or kusama.toml (or other relevant lower branch sub_ecosystem, eg. Polkadot / Astar Network / Starfish Finance)

b) create a corresponding .toml file using the same title as the added sub_ecosystem

—> Note that title and github_organizations are enough to be added in respective toml, since all repos under GitHub org are pulled automatically once PR is merged. If other repos related to the project exist outside of the GitHub org, or are related to an individual contributor, those can be added in manually.

  1. Fork a repository and Submit your PR

:arrow_right: Video instructions here.

Deadline: YE 2023 EC developer report will be launched with end date of 15th Dec 2023, so make sure you add your updates until then.

Updates should be done throughout the year since this repo is used both for quarterly dev report as well as used for some other weekly dashboards like Artemis.

Thank you, and feel free to reach out if any additional help is needed.


Just a short reminder that the cut off date for PR submission for the annual developer report is end of this week (Dec 15th).

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Bumping this topic up to inform you that EC Developer Report will be refreshed with 2024 half-year figures soon.

Deadline for submission of missing repos in crypto-ecosystems is 25th of June, so please update your projects and sub-ecosystems that are building on Polkadot.

We’ll also make a PR next week and add in all of the new projects we are aware of that emerged in the last 6 months, but direct contribution from the ecosystem is always most sustainable.

Thanks in advance!

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