Compliant Privacy and Governing Law Enforcement Access Requests

Integritee recently published its vision for reasonable privacy on Polkadot and elsewhere in web3 and also sketched how compliance shall be obtained eventually.

We see the main requirement for compliance to be the possibility for law enforcement agencies to gain insight into specific data subject to reasonable and legitimate suspicion of serious crime. Today, this may be a necessary - but not sufficient requirement to be considered compliant with many jurisdictions. But let’s look at the heart of the matter and think about a design from scratch:

Law enforcement shall be enabled in any reasonable society - but wideranging surveillance shall not.

Blockchains don’t fit into any national jurisdiction model, so we should come up with something ourselves and argue, why nation states should accept it.

The basic idea we’d like to discuss here is that we establish an onchain court which evaluates the legitimacy of data insight requests from agencies and can authorize certain kinds of queries or freezing funds owned by suspects/convicts for a limited time.

With the Polkadot Allliance we have a precedent initiative which aims to take care of important off-chain aspects in a consortial fashion.

Could this be a model and who would be interested in exploring this further?

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