Collaboration Proposal: Polkadot Should Partner with Coinbase Earn for User Expansion and Educational Goals

While it’s regrettable that I can no longer use Coinbase in my country, based on my experience with Coinbase, Coinbase Earn has proven effective in both user promotion and education.

Coinbase Earn structures its promotion and education into approximately three chapters, each concluding with a quiz. Correct answers reward users with incentives valued at around $1 (≈0.25 DOT). Another format involves decentralized promotion through Coinbase Wallet, but this wallet currently does not seem to support Polkadot.

Despite the current early stage of Polkadot/Kusama, it’s crucial to make everyone aware of the remarkable potential they hold. I propose a collaboration, possibly funded by treasury, to partner with Coinbase Earn. This collaboration could significantly aid in promoting and educating users about Polkadot/Kusama.