Clarification of the meaning and use of the Treasurer Track

I’m writing this more as a discussion point to clarify what the intended purpose was for the Treasurer Track when compared to other spending tracks, in particular the Big Spender track.

It’s not clear to me which kind of Treasury Spending Proposal would be suitable for spending up to 10M DOT on the Treasurer Track. Even at today’s prices the Treasurer Track may end up being redundant for funding proposals because the Big Spender track can absorb most requests.

I have tried to think of this in a traditional sense in that “a Treasurer” would perhaps make use of such levels of funding for investments, or some kind of significant use of money with an expected return but since the community is against significant spending proposals this point seems moot.

I’m guessing that when this track was conceived and developed there was a justification or purpose for it beyond a simple idea that it can spend up to 10M DOT - but since this has not been documented, there appears to be no real distinction between this and Big Spender - just a bigger wallet.

Does anyone have any opinions on this?