Bringing more transparency on chain with Clorophilla

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Objective: to bring more transparency to the blockchain. Clorophilla is the first ever peer to peer, zero knowledge encrypted data sharing protocol. We strongly believe it will be widely used after the imminent regulation of the space. In the EU they are looking for a solution to ban self custodian wallets and bring more transparency on-chain. We are doing this in a permissionless, optional and decentralized manner.

Focus: building an encrypted on-chain data sharing solution which will allow users to associate encrypted data with their anonymous on-chain addresses. We strongly believe it will be widely used after the imminent regulation of this space.

Problems Solved: on-chain asset security and ownership

Use cases: decentralized KYC, proof-of-ownership, private key management or encrypted messaging.

Beneficiaries: centralized and decentralized exchanges, banks, state authorities or blockchain projects who will use it during their interactions with retail users.

Market Size: The total market we are addressing is estimated at 950M USD in 2022 and we are one of the few decentralized projects with impact both on and off-chain.

Competition: According to our research activities so far, there is currently no such service available on chain. We know that there are several companies offering KYC and proof-of-ownership solutions but they rely on servers. According to our intensive research, we are the only ones taking the current approach. This way we do not interfere with user privacy and we can build our product as a native functionality of the blockchain.

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