Apillon Platform Milestone 1 Proposal

(Recap) With Polkadot Treasury backing, the Apillon platform would switch to a growth-oriented, SaaS model with various subscription models and forever-freemium access, while giving back to the community with Web3 Adoption Bounty supporting up-and-coming builders on Polkadot.

Apillon has filed a new, revised Proposal for Polkadot Treasury funding to cover the technical development of the Apillon Web3 development platform.

During the voting period of the previous Proposal, certain important concerns were raised - the new project orientation addresses them thoroughly. The full Apillon Proposal linked below explains the changes that were made and puts them into the context of a wider Polkadot ecosystem.

Besides, Apillon’s initiative of supporting the community proposes the establishment of a Web3 Adoption Bounty. Apillon pledges to periodically funnel a share of its revenue and NCTR token supply into the Bounty fund to support up-and-coming Web3 projects building in Polkadot or on Apillon platform, and, thus, give back to the community that has shown incredible support so far.

So, why vote Aye?

  • Apillon is the first Polkadot project actively offering services to application-layer Web3 developers. The Apillon platform serves as Polkadot’s answer to ThirdWeb, Moralis, Pinata, and other solutions already thriving in external ecosystems.
  • Apillon would open-source every single line of code, allowing anyone to run a clone of the platform services independently.
  • Apillon would funnel a share of revenue into an independent bounty fund controlled by Polkadot parachain representatives to fund projects seeking to build on Apillon, further extending the adoption loop by appealing to a wide scope of audiences - from freelancers to enterprise users.
  • Apillon is the first project that provides access to multiple mature Polkadot parachains and their services and utilizes underlying tokens while simplifying the payment process.
  • Apillon is directly promoting the ecosystem partners and boosting the growth of the Polkadot Network through executing the business side via DOT, CRU, GLMR, KILT, and other DOT-based tokens.
  • Apillon provides a “forever”-freemium business model with a wide range of services, lowering the threshold for entering the Web3 space through a newbie-proof Web2 building logic.

Learn more about it:

The full Apillon Proposal

The Apillon platform Quick Demo

The old Apillon Proposal

We want to make the reasoning behind the new Apillon’s Polkadot Treasury Proposal as comprehensive and transparent as possible. We will do our best to provide additional explanation and information you might request.