Alternative UI for exploring node storage and extrinsics

We built this tool to help our front-end developers get data from the nodes more easily and show them what’s available. We are wondering if this is something others would be interested in because more and more people in the team started to use this not just devs.

It uses metadata from the node to construct “pallet” view of the node instead of splitting this in categories like polkadot.js does.

We are thinking of adding extrinsic call support, but since we heard CAPI will have base UI components it might be worth to wait for it to not re-implement this again unnecessarily. We have a few more ideas which might require more effort so we were thinking about asking for a grant to improve it, if it’s useful for others.

Some of them are:

  • Params for data polling
  • Extrinsic calling
  • Ability to annotate the docs with custom docs from .md files
  • Linking to rustdocs
  • Type exploration / explanations up to basic types
  • Export of data to json
  • Hex / Raw support

here is some example:


Yea it is definitely interesting and self-explanatory. Does it work for any Substrate compatible chain?
Feels like this could be used as base for some API playground for beginners and non-tech people.
Would be nice if it could connect to any URL/IP, for example localhost. As developer I often need that :laughing:

More general ideas (since I dont see a concrete question in your post):

  • Ability to query single map entries instead of the whole map
  • Query storage at a specific block
  • Showing which block number is currently being queried
  • Copy button for the JSON output :smile:
  • Github links to the event/error/storage definitions

It’s quite easy to allow any node. It should work with any post v14 metadata node.

The things you listed are definitely to-do. It’s a spiritual successor to which is very, very old version of this but no longer works with new nodes which had some of these. We decided to make it more lean now.

It’s also open source so if you see something you’d like to see you can put up an issue or try to improve it if you feel exploratory. :slight_smile:

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I really like it! Clean to navigate and easy to understand.

I think being able to toggle to any Substrate endpoint would be really useful, and in the spirit of how we designed all the underlying technologies to keep everything reusable.

I think you could some more developer oriented features like showing the encoding of a call or event, and then also being able to search for those kinds of things!