Allow Parachains to self bond to extend an winning auction bid

I’d like to allow for teams that win an auction to have the option to self bond a certain percentage of the auction total in order to auto extend the lease period for another 1-3 years.

For example something like 1 yr = 15%. 2 yr = 25%. 3yr = 35% of the winning auction total could be self bonded to extend a lease up to a total of 5 years before needing to rebid. Even then I wonder if there’s a less intrusive way for a team to renew but perhaps that’s another discussion.

Users who contributed to the auction would get their DOT returned at the end of the 2 year lease, but the teams self bond would remain from day 1 until the end of the optional extension.

This would take away some uncertainty for teams and users. there’s a lot of mystery surrounding the auctions outside of the eco and this could help take away some of that and provide some stability for the eco in general

Any bad actors could be removed via governance should anything egregious takes place. However providing some stability in general allowing teams to build and not have that 2 year lease hanging over the heads of everyone would be rather bullish.

I believe this change would encourage more builders and ease some of the criticisms of the auction system by providing more stability for users, teams, and investors.

I don’t believe this 2 year lease period is good for the term growth or sustainability of the ecosystem for many of the reasons mentioned above. It was a nice starting point, but we need to allow for some more flexibility and stability in the system IMO.


It is not clear to me the specific problem being solved by this suggestion.

Any existing parachain can win an auction using their own funds to continue their parachain slot after the crowdloan lease is complete. To win that slot, they must participate in the auction, whose price is determined by supply and demand.

After the parachain has won a slot with its own funds, those funds can be used to bid in future auctions for new lease periods, even while the bonded funds are locked up. This means there is plenty of time and ability for teams to ensure that their chain always has an available slot.

Finally, parachain slots can be traded using the “swap” functionality, which trades all the lease periods of one chain with another. This allows for third party markets for lease periods and parachain slots which were already won.

So given this information, can you help clarify what specific scenario / situation you are hoping to solve for that is not already covered?