Addin a proof of trust parachain

Freenet is a tool that could be used to create a DAO. It is currently using web hosting.

Freenet seems to use a web3 like consensus.

The consensus can only be used by a limited number of people. It is then much much more faster. Sounds ideal for discord like app and might be used for game engine. At least much more than bitcoin.

I would like to create a discord like on polkadot that alternates parachain usage for different purpose.

I need to use a proof of trust for small transaction (eg authenticated p2p like with decentralized hosting).

I would like to implement a small world routing in a new polkadot parachain

check out the doc here:

What do you think of this idea please?

Matt Green remarked once about using blockchains for blogs, but impossible to locate now since Twitter killed Nitter. Irony…

I’d expect blockchains wind up being overkill if directly used for blogs, but I’ve never really thought about what threat model makes more sense. And different code costs money obviously.

You want the blockchain to help build routing tabels, but not manage content? Afaik, small world routing would be used when you lack concensus or centralization, but blockchains provide concensus aka simulated centralization, not sure what you mean here. Also unclear what you mena by trust.

I do not know for the threat model.

the goal of freenet is to have different tiny blockchains for data in order to spend less gas for people not concerned by that. It is mostly a p2p than a blockchain in this part.

Actually yes, in his actual implementation, freenet uses a rollups like for each website. So each website has a blockchain like explorer for each data content.

yes I think so. Sounds still compatible with polkadot as there are sub chains in freenet.

trust in freenet is just a limited access to the data.

Is there any concensus? Alone git is not a blockchain. If you’ve some decentralized concensus on master then git becomes a blockchain of sorts.

A prachain has its own network, but likely all small complete graphs so far.

Any polkadot validator could access parachain blocks contents.

Can you clarify why concensus matters here?

Tor need concensus so that all nodes pick random routes identically. I2P needs thisw too, but afaik lacks it. Bittorrent has no need for concensus. Certificate transperency has no need for true concensus, merely the threat that miss-behavior gets detected.

the proof of trust is the name of the consensus. there is a blockchain (state) and nothing can modify it yes. Each peer has to download the state in order to use it.

yes obviously. there is a shared register. Here know as “state” in the freenet name.

great ! perfect! exactly what I needed!

Also I joined the freenet dev 2 or 3 months ago after the work. I am not a freenet expert. IO planned to gain in experience in this work.

Parachain collators make blocks, but random polkadot validators check their blocks, and polkadot provides their concensus. This is why parachains can trust one another, assuming they can trust one another’s code. In principle, parachains could require a pre-concensus stage, but not much reason typically.

Sure no problem. I can start coding.

I was just asking if you agree with me to the need to do that.

I’m not 100% clear on what your doing, but anyways there exist other resources like matrix rooms for coding support:

I was asking about the need of the new parachain I would like to create. I would like to ensure there is no similar philisophy.