Accounting software / provider that has integrated Substrate scanning?

There is currently no accounting software that has integrated Substrate scanning. Crypto accounting can be automated with respect to Ethereum and exchanges, but not with respect to parachains.

Is any project with a formed finance team looking at this? We’re comparing notes with the Astar community.

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Not that I know of. It would be difficult to make parachain-agnostic, since each can have its own pallets that handle assets. So it won’t be easy, but it would be possible to cover the majority of parachains and abstract out some of the individual features (and a valuable addition).

That’s why we need token standards to abstract the implementation differences between parachains.

With such a standard in place, at least the tax part could be handled by which has the benefit of running locally in an encrypted DB so your data does not end up in a thrid party DB.

I use for my taxes. It supports scanning of the relay chains and some select para chains. They implement more parachains based on user feedback. It would be great if stuff could be implemented in an agnostic way for sure.

I am building a Substrate accounting service which is currently in closed alpha.

Feel free to reach out to me via Telegram or Twitter @alice_und_bob

or apply to participate in the program here: