Account creation: BEEFY

Following up on a thread suggesting BEEFY was worth looking into I reviewed what in could find, (referenced below).

The context here would be two Relay Chains of the type-I or type-II that Jeff Burdges mentions in the thread above.

As best I can tell these are the participants in a BEEFY (cross chain) transaction:

  • External Light Client
  • External Relayer
  • Relay Chain Host

and this is a summary of the activities that a BEEFY transaction might be expected to generate:

  • MMR operations
  • Payload exchange
  • Signed Commitment
  • Witness Data
  • Voting on Payloads
  • Committing Witnesses
  • Requesting Signed Commitments
  • Consensus Work
  • Manage state data
  • Change state data

As best I can tell there is no explicit provision for account creation - or does that fall under the rubric of “Change state data” and “Manage state data”.

To be clear the scenario would be a Relay Chain creating an account (non-private) in response to a request originating from another external Relay Chain, or non-Substrate chain.