A new test network for Polkadot

@Portico, you said:

@OliverTY The collective is a fantastic idea, something that we would definitely get behind and help execute! It could also potentially be the Parachain Technical Fellowship. The interesting thing about this is that it would be deployed as a Substrate<>Substrate Bridge on AH on this stage-net, therefore not being a dependency for the Relay Chain’s runtime. Big question is how can we make it so that tokens don’t flow from one network to another.

I think you wouldn’t need to use a bridge. After all, this will be a testnet and as such won’t have any security guarantees so bridging to it doesn’t make sense. Instead, we should just use the Polkadot collective members account list as an oracle for the signatories controlling the sudo multisig. The technical solution to achieve this on the testnet will probably need to be centralized but it’s not that important. However, on Polkadot this will be an actual entity that could have a treasury and agency to make further proposals.