9 Ideas for the Decentralized Future of Polkadot

Thanks for your comments @batman

My first thoughts is that for onboarding developers into our ecosystem and teaching how to do development on Polkadot, there really is nothing that compares to what the Polkadot Blockchain Academy offers at the moment.

Your proposal seems to talk about two extremes of the builder spectrum:

  • onboarding and helping those who are just getting in and wanting to write fast fun code
  • turning them into people who want to build web3 businesses

My perspective is that these people are often not the same, and transitioning someone from just getting started to build to having them build web3 business is a multi-year process with probably less than .01% of people making it to the end.

All of the challenge of onboarding is the middle part.

  • projects/bounties which are easy enough to jump into in a few hours are usually of little value
  • projects/bounties which have high value usually are complex and have not been done yet because they are too difficult
  • the distribution of open issues and tasks do not line up with users. For example, you can imagine issues are much like a bell curve, where most issues require intermediate core developer experiences, but majority of people looking for issues want to tackle “good first issues” or “easy tasks”

Ultimately, I think I find it hard to realistically deliver the outcomes you hope for with the proposal you have written, and because of that, I am not super bullish on this specific idea.

That being said, I think we agree about some kind of heavily opinionated UX which overlays the current treasury process, which can apply to indie hackers aswell. For me, the goal is not promising some outcome of proposals, applications built, or users onboarded, but having a goal of making information which helps decision making easier to access for token holders distributing funds.

If you are good with react, and you want to build some kind of better UX in this direction, I can def provide my thoughts on a specification and north star. Truthfully, I think a product like this would best exist as a new internal initiative at Polkassembly or Subsquare, since I would rather help improve these existing products than build new ones from scratch.

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