Self-employed carpenter

Been involved in blockchain ecosystem since the crypto bubble in 2017/18.

The underlying technology has always been fascinating to me from a sociological and humanitarian standpoint: We are at a standstill in this late hour of human history, dark clouds of climate change, biodiversity loss, resource scarcity on the horizon. Our leaders consume our future in the form of enforced authoritarian and oligarchic economic policies. Blockchain to my mind is, without a doubt, a way not to fix the current legal mess, but to abandon and sidestep it peacefully, and altogether.

Despite the potential I saw for blockchain technology, I became fatigued by the speculation which seemed to be the primary way most people were interacting with it.

In 2019, I saw the video of Dr. Wood’s presentation at the 2018 W3 Summit. He introduced Polkadot as “The biggest bet against blockchain maximalism.” From moment on, I’ve been an avid supporter.

The hour is late for humanity. We are at a crossroads that looks out towards great opportunity but also great peril. It’s my belief a most peaceful, happy, and abundant way forward will come from each of us – like as what seems to be the motivation of Dr. Wood for the time being – learning to surrender the imperative of the self and providing ourselves for the greater good.