Which Wallets for DOT?

How to create a simple wallet to transfer your DOTS from the exchange where you bought them, this is especially relevant if you are not able to stake on the exchange where they are kept.

I found some Wiki info but im working from Linux Mint and still havent found what im looking for, is there a browser extension wallet for DOT?

Im staking other tokens and its important for me to do so with DOT as well!

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi @LuxDot welcome to the forum!

Yes, polkadot.js has an extension. More info here.

If you have higher than the minimum required balance to earn rewards on polkadot.js, I’d recommend staking there. A real-time feed of the minimum required stake is here.. If your balance isn’t high enough, you can stake with a custodial service like Kraken which has no minimum required stake requirement.

If you do stake on polkadot.js, I’d recommend using the browser extension only as a controller account to for actions like changing nominations. The most secure wallet for controlling balance transfer actions is one that’s air gapped/ offline like parity signer, ledger, or a piece of paper you put in a safe, etc.

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Hi Andrew, thanks for the info on js wallet extension for dot.


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