Visualizing the Polkadot Network Seeking feedback on technicals

So I made this to try and visualise the Polkadot network. It took me a while and it’s not finished. I’m trying to figure out if my understanding of the network is correct, and if the 3d representation I’ve created is actually reasonably accurate.

I’ve got the current block over on the left and the genesis block on the far right. The relay chain is the chain through the middle. I’ve used wires to represent blocks being connected by hash functions. The parachains are the 10 blocks on the edges. I’ve got each parachain being a blockchain. I’m not sure if that’s right. is the parachain blockchain data just consumed by the relay chain? In which case the gold blocks in the relay chain should not have those 10 little blocks connected…

I’ve been trying to go of the light paper. It has a 2d representation of the system and I don’t think it attempts to portray the system after x many blocks like I’m trying to. Anyway any advice appreciated.

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Looks cool! No idea as to what advice to give as I’m still learning myself, but appreciate your participation in the community :+1: