Unable to stake 1010 error

Hi to all,

i am blocked because i can not stake my polkadot with my ledger because i get the followiong error: 1010

I have atteched the image of my account, basically i can’t do anything… can some one help me?

you do require some balance in the positive for transaction fees.

additionally, as the unbonding process necessitates some unbound fees for the transaction, you will need to add funds to the account from an external source.

2 DOT is plenty for this task.

do i need to add founds in the extension right?

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i am reasonably certain that you need to specify a single account as both stash and controller when staking through a ledger.

you would need to add to the balance of the stake account so that the “transferable” balance is not zero (a few DOT should suffice for this). you do not have to bond all of the balance in your stash account in order to use the account for nominating.

I don’t think this is true! You should be able to use your ledger as cold storage for your stash and use the JS browser extension as your controller. Doing it this way is both more secure and convenient.

Yes just add .5 DOT or so and you should be able to bond tokens from your stash.

Let us know if you have any other questions.