Transfer problem

The amount of .9964 Dot units was bought and transferred, but because it is less than one unit, it is not in the balance of Trust Volt and my account. Please advise how to add this amount to the inventory and provide a solution.

Hi @masuod.k how much DOT did you have in the account you transferred to? If it was a new account, it may have been destroyed, per the existential deposit mechanic which functions to reduce chain “bloat.” Polkadot accounts must have a balance of at least 1 DOT to remain active, you can read more about it here.

good day, polkadot team. With today’s distribution of tokens (5,000,000 allocated), I sent the generated address of 146 tokens from the binance na spot wallet. After 3 hours, I have not received anything, not only the promised x3, but also my 146 DOTs.
Please explain the situation.
I can provide all screenshots