Statemint Update / Roadmap

Hello, thanks for the great update on the roadmap and vision.

I would like to challenge the Assumption of Using a V2 like model DEX on Statemint.

The capabilities that statemint will offer in term of assets management/mirroring are very solid.

Builders always tend to believe we will build a DEX and once its functional and operational, YES the work is done and traders or protocols can now safely start swapping tokens.

Nevertheless, how innovative, beautiful and DEX can be on Statemint, to work effectively, traders need liquidity to be able to swap using the DEX and is definitely one of the most forgotten aspect while building.

That being said, providing liquidity on V2 model makes no sense usually for sophisticated liquidity providers and it’s indeed providing liquidity in an infinite range and is not optimal at all.

I’d recommend here to instead build on a similar model as UNI V3 (now can be forked with no issues) or Please check Carbon from Bancor their last powerful DEX.

I believe more efficient DEX models could be choose to give the optimality Statemint needs to Thrive.


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