Staking: Not active

Hey Polkadot Community,

A few weeks ago I tried to set up staking via my webbrowser. I tried to do it with just a few Dots (6 Dot) to get a feeling for it. I staked my stash on some validators, however I didn’t get a single one to be active (all either waiting, or inactive). I even changed my validators after 2 weeks. However it still didn’t lead to be active.

Is there something I didn’t see, or is there a minimum stake, which prevents me from staking with a few Dots? As far as I’ve read, there is only a maximum number of accounts, who can stake on a validator?
So what am I doing wrong?

I’d be thankful for every advise.

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Hi @Feyman! Thanks for your question. Please refer to this blog post for more information on a staking issue whose fix is being worked on. As suggested in the blog post, the workaround for staking <200 DOT is to do so via a custodial service like Kraken, Huobi, or Kucoin. Let us know if you have any other issues!

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Hey @windylion .
Thank you for your support.
I’m trying to test everything on the Kusama Network before I go in with more Dot on Polkadot.

Atm, I’m having this issue, and I don’t know how to resolve it. I’d be really glad if anyone could help me over there.

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Hey @Feynman

It sounds like you bonded all your funds in your combination stash/controller account, and thus can’t cover transaction fees. Can you check if this is the case? To do so, navigate to the Accounts tab > Accounts. Find the account in question and click the little dropdown arrow beside the account balance. This will show your balance delineated into the portions that may be transferable or locked. It will show in which activity locked funds are locked, such as bonded for staking and/or governance, and unbonding from staking.

To change your controller account, please navigate to the Network tab > Staking > Account actions. From there, select the three dots at the far right of the account. Select “Change controller.” You will need a small balance to cover the transaction cost for this action as well.

Unbonding your funds will free them for use, but you will have to wait until the end of the unbonding period to withdraw funds. On Polkadot the unbonding period is 28 days, on Kusama it’s 7.

Can you let me know if these steps solve your issue?

Another resource, if you aren’t aware of it, for practicing with Polkadot/Kusama staking is Polkadot’s unincentivized testnet, Westend. To navigate to the Westend UI, click the upper left corner of the polkadot.js interface where it says Polkadot version x. Scroll down the drop down menu to where it says “test networks,” and select Westend from the list. You can request free Westend tokens at the Westend Faucet Element chat by typing !drip (account number).

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Yes,everything is bonded and 0 balance is transferable.
On Polkadot I actually had some balance left and it was used for paying the transfer fees.
It seems like I missed that.
That’s definitely good to know. Thank you.

Well I’ll change to Westend for practicing to stake then. :slight_smile: