Staking KSM: controller account balance?

Hi, while going through the steps to stake KSM, I created a new account to use as a controller account but there needs to be a minimum balance in the controller account to cover transaction fees. I see this needs to be greater than 0.001, but what amount of KSM would be safe for this? Thank you

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@molly hey there! You’ll need a balance for when you send transactions for this controller account to pay fees, and also an amount above the existential deposit amount which is .01.

Hi Hutch, thank you! what kind of fees would I expect to pay with the controller account (I’ll be nominating), would 0.1 or 1 KSM be good to cover the controller account for a good while?

Yes! That should be fine, either one should be plenty to cover any fees while using the controller for a while.

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