Showcasing 50 Polkadot ecosystem projects/stakeholders in 2020

The Polkadot ecosystem is growing at an amazing pace, projects & solutions providers are joining the ecosystem, and it’s becoming harder to keep up with all developments, tools, projects, opportunities to contribute. (See these great posts: 1, 2)

There are already key pieces in place to build the ecosystem (Ambassador program, Grants, etc.), websites such as Polkaproject and Dotspot to find projects, and new initiatives are started to keep stakeholders up to date with info & opportunities (Polkadot Weekly, KSMjobs).

With, we generally strive to reduce silos in blockchain, help projects onboard stakeholders, and help people access ecosystems. In particular, we started listing, showcasing & connecting all kinds of solution providers in the Web 3 ecosystem.

I’ve been a Polkadot ambassador for some time, and would love to further support the Polkadot ecosystem by showcasing 50 Polkadot projects &or other solution providers in the ecosystem till the end of the year (ambitious I know). This should give ecosystem parties additional exposure & help others to join great projects.

What should you need to do as project/business? 2, 3 simple steps

  1. Sign up your project to through this table.

  2. We follow up with a couple more questions (Description, Unique value proposition, Ways to get involved, etc.)

We share the project/tool/business through website, social media & Polkadot channels with stakeholders and community members!

One more thing…to make this initiative a success

  • We’ll be posting showcases below in this thread (Let’s see if we can get 50 in 2020 :wink:

  • We hope you (ambassador, community member) follow this thread, and help us spread the word and share social media postings

  • We’ll also update this calendar, integrate it on our website & potentially expand it with updates from Polkadot projects – IF there is demand for it. Would you like that?

We’ve already started reaching out to projects and I’m looking forward to connecting with many more in the coming weeks. You can also get in touch via website, Telegram or email:

Happy weekend & best regards from Berlin,


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How does one become a polkadot ambassador?