Sent to erc20 address

I bought some KSM a while back and sent them to Ledger erc20 address like a retard. any way I can recover these? Looking into transaction, there was a new account created, not sure if random or dependent to the address provided.

Hi, I did the same thing. Newbie to Polkadot. I had bought a Ledger and did a test transfer (only 1 DOT luckily) to the the Ledger Polkadot ‘wallet’. Of course it never showed up there.
I had already sent a LINK token to the ERC20/Ethereum wallet and that worked ok. The brief instructions seemed to say that the DOT deposit would be handled the same way and was to be sent to the same ETH/ERC20 ledger app where it would appear in the ETH wallet too.

Anyhow, I can see all details of the DOT transfer on the Polkadot Subscan site, including the To/From addresses, the Block Number, the Extrinsic ID etc. So I’m curious to know if it can be retrieved.
Not a big deal - it’s just one DOT. But is there a way to get it back?

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