RPC: Retrieving account name

Is it possible to retrieve account names/display names via JSON-RPC or Polkadot-JS or other 3rd party libraries? Looking at Polkascan: https://polkascan.io/polkadot/account/1WG3jyNqniQMRZGQUc7QD2kVLT8hkRPGMSqAb5XYQM1UDxN

It has a lot of extra metadata that I can’t currently access from the API Sidecar which we need access to.

I can see the identity module extrinisic will be raised (https://wiki.polkadot.network/docs/en/learn-identity)

But I don’t think the API Sidecar has the ability to query account based transactions.

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Hey @gavin_bd welcome to the forum. Good question, I don’t know the answer… maybe try the Polkadot watercooler or validator chat? Sorry I can’t be of more help. Good luck!