Questions about POS and validators

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I have been joining blockchain communities about a question I have about POS and validators but still I couldn’t get any response. Can anyone help me with the following?

Can a desktop Dapp be build in a way that it will be a validator too?

Key feature of the protocol is that whoever uses the desktop Dapp contributes as a validator. The idea is that the desktop Dapp is a node, built in such a way that no one can change the configurations in order to prevent bad activity. This system has a deflationary economic model that rewards validators and users.

Ex: The POS protocol picks random 10 computers (10 Desktop Dapps) from the X number of Dapps that are on line at the moment for off-chain computation, the remaining desktop Dapps (that are on line at that moment) are the guarantors of this computation in order to write the block on the blockchain. At this system it is not mandatory for validators to stake any amount of coins and that’s because no one know who is validating.

Can a system like this be created or there are technical issues that makes it impossible?

The project I want to build aims for small and big businesses.
Any interest, suggestions and guidance would be very helpful.

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