Proposed Solutions for Unbricking an Enterprise Parachain with OpenGov

I think this is a good time to re-share this post from a couple months ago: Polkadot Summit - Ecosystem Technical Fellowship Workshop Notes - #13 by Birdo.

TL;DR from the post is to create a Parachain Technical Fellowship that has as part of it’s mandate to work on these scenarios.

IMO we don’t need to lose sight that Polkadot is a Relay Chain + all Parachains, however executing these actions also has a great deal of controversy; a lot of things can go wrong. A couple of ideas that can be executed here could be:

  1. Creating some tooling, maybe even leveraging chopsticks that allows dry-running of a runtime upgrade. In this case, before actually pushing this on chain, there would be one last step with more ‘real’ conditions than what the current tooling has.
  2. Creating a new track on OpenGov just for the sake of these situations. It would need IMO a high deposit, but probably some curves that would allow this to pass fast with a big amount of votes.
  3. A technical fellowship that can make it go even faster trough proper whitelisting of the calls.